The Industry’s Best Kept Secret!

At We Care Recruitment we pride ourselves on being experts in our field.  That is why we use the most innovative recruitment model on the market today. We’ve been using it for years, perfected the process and have seen the incredible results benefiting organisations across Australia. Benefits like:


It means you spend LESS TIME interviewing candidates. And less time feeling the bind of being short on staff. We consistently use this process to get results with our:

  • Placement ratio being on average 1.36/1 – WHICH IS WELL ABOVE industry average (3/1) This means you only need to do 1.36 interviews to place a candidate rather than 3 interviews… Also our;
  • Time to fill a placement is on average as little as 15.29 days – Yes, that’s HALF the industry average of 30 days!

We all know “time is money”, imagine if we could help you find the right people without hours and hours spent in pointless interviews?  Imagine we could fill your role in just over 2 weeks?

The best part – with our Values Based Recruitment process is that we help you to place the right people into your organisation based on their values not just their technical skills and experiences.  It’s a new concept, you may not have thought of this before:


Why? Because…

“You can teach someone a skill, but you cannot teach them how to have the right attitude or values!” – Emily Jaksch, founder of WCR + HR Gurus

How will Values Based Recruitment help you?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve hired a person into your facility or organisation and they had the perfect experience and qualifications on paper AND they passed the interview with flying colours? You onboarded this person and sadly… soon after issues started to arise. And you were left thinking – WOW where did we go wrong?? Normally this occurs because the candidate does not have the right values, and most organisations don’t know how to ask the right values based questions to assess this in the interview.

This is where our unique Values Base Recruitment process comes in, as this is the key to finding the right people that align with your organisation’s culture and values. This is far more important than asking technical or skills based questions in the interview as our questions give you the answers to both!

It’s a win-win for all because you’ll:

  • Save time on the recruiting process
  • Save your organisation money in recruitment expenses and manager time out of the business
  • See staff moral improve as you ensure you are fully resourced
  • Eliminates high turnover, by placing the right people that fit with your unique organisational culture
  • Stop wasting your time trying to find new people and get the best people quickly
  • Stop wasting your money having to pay for temps & onboarding/training
  • Build, nurture and develop a positive culture of like-minded people who all LIVE your values
  • Improve client, resident, and patient care without the constant staff turnover of staff

You are likely thinking this process must be hard or the questions must be complex but we are offering you the opportunity to:


Why? Because we want to share this with the Health and Aged Care Industries to help you get better outcomes, and if you would like to know more about the industry’s best kept secret – then contact us today!

We have a cost effective “flat rate fee” structure and a SPECIAL OFFER for all of our new clients.