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Text Message Interviews – The new way to interview, is it really going to work?

For a while now I have been incorporating text messages into my recruitment process to reconfirm interviews and follow up with candidates if I haven’t been able to speak to them verbally. However, recruiters are now starting to replace phone calls and phone interviews with text messages.

So, how does a text interview work? This is exactly the question that I asked, how can you get all the information you need and get a feel for a person from text on a screen and not a conversation? To complete a text message interview is exactly what it sounds like, instead of picking up the phone and talking to your candidate you just text them the questions.

Here are some reasons that text interviews can provide excellent results:

  • Text Interviews save you time, how many times have you called a candidate who doesn’t answer their phone, you then text them to arrange a time to chat and they reply instantly? This happens to me all the time and the reason for this is because only 43% of people use their smartphones for calls and on average people respond to text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them
  • Text Interviews help you remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process because you cannot judge the candidate on the way they speak, their accent, how nervous they are or their appearance. By removing the unconscious bias this allows for a more diverse and accepting workplace
  • Text Interviews allow you to have a record of the conversation. If something was to go wrong with a candidate and they give you a different story to what they tell your client you will always have documented proof of the conversation
  • Text Interviews allow you to hire faster because of the time saved from playing phone tag with your candidates
  • Text Interviews also give every candidate a level playing field, some candidates get extremely nervous during interviews and by having their initial interview over text message it allows them to be more relaxed and calm. Interviews over text also allow people to complete their initial interview while they are working.

Personally, I am not sure how my clients would feel if we were to change our interview process to replace phone interviews with text interviews, but I can see the benefits of incorporating text interviews from a recruitment standpoint.


If you have any stories about text interviews, please let us know as we would love to hear them!

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