How will Values Based Recruitment help me???

How will Values Based Recruitment help me?


I love Values Based Recruitment and there are so so many ways that Values Based Recruitment can help you and your organisation.


Let’s go through my top 5 ways Values Based Recruitment can help you!


  1.    Saves you Money!

Once you learn about Values-Based Recruitment, your recruitment costs will reduce because you will not need to be recruiting as much and you will also know how to find the right person

  1.    Reduces your staff turnover

By implementing Values Based Recruitment your staff turnover will reduce because you will be hiring the right people, in the beginning, you will hire people who are passionate about what your organisation does and not someone who is just looking for “a job”

  1.    Improves your staff culture

Your staff culture will improve with Values-Based Recruitment because you’re hiring the right people, there is nothing more toxic for workplace culture than people who really don’t want to be there, you can’t hide this and it spreads like wildfire

  1.    Saves you time

Values-based recruitment saves you time because not only are you recruiting less because you are employing the right people, but by following the Values-Based Recruitment process you reduce the number of interviews you need to conduct, for example, We Care Recruitment has an average of 1.36 interviews to get 1 hire (which is way less than the national average of 3 interviews to get 1 hire)

  1.    Reduces your stress level


Values-based recruitment will help you reduce your stress level because you won’t be constantly worried about staffing and recruitment needs


As I mentioned above these are only 5 ways that Value Based Recruitment can help you and of course there are many more ways that it can help you.

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