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8 Reasons people aren’t applying for your jobs

Recruiting can be a long, tiring and expensive process and the main reason for this is generally because you can’t find the right person for your organisation. A common reason businesses can’t find the right people is because their job advertisements aren’t appealing. Here are 8 easy ways to improve your job advertisement to ensure that you find the right person quickly and efficiently!

  1. Spell Check!

I know that this sounds silly and a small detail but if you as an employer can’t be bothered spell checking your job advertisement, why would a candidate think that you would be willing to invest time in them?

  1. Your Job Advertisement is too long

The longer your job advertisement is, the fewer people are going to read through the entire thing and you get put in the too hard basket.

  1. You have too many expectations

When you are listing the skills your perfect candidate has, it is really important to limit these to the most important. According to Indeed, on average women will need to meet at least 70% of skills before they will even consider applying for the role whereas men on average need to meet 30% of the skills before they apply. The more skills you list, the smaller you are making your talent pool.

  1. Your Company Culture

Of course, we want to like where we work but putting things on your job advertisement like “Friday Drinks” will turn some people off because they will be wondering how this will fit in with their lives.

  1. You do not provide any contact details

Again, this makes you appear not to care about your future staff because if they have questions they don’t know who to contact. Putting an email address on your job advertisement that people can contact will put them at ease knowing that someone is there for them.

  1. No Salary is listed

Not having a salary on your job advertisements can be strategic and can work well, however, if you are having trouble finding candidates try putting a salary range on your job advertisement. Of course, give your self some room to move, for example, if you are considering offering $80,000 maybe put your salary range as $70,000 – $85,000.

  1. Your job title doesn’t make sense

A lot of businesses come up with cool and unique job titles for their position, I am a Recruitment Guru, not a Recruitment Consultant. When you are advertising for new staff keep your job titles simple because if people need to think about it too much, they will put you in the too hard basket. Some of my favourite unusual job titles are Retail Jedi (Shop Assistant), Beverage Dissemination Officer (Bartender) and Accounting Ninja (Finance Manager).

  1. You have an application form

This is by far the quickest way to be put in the “too hard” basket and the comments I get from candidates all the time is “why can’t they just read my resume?”


Hopefully, with these 8 tips, you will be able to find the perfect candidate and fill your position with little to no stress!

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