15 of the Craziest Answers to Normal Interview Questions

Working as a recruiter can definitely be interesting at times and the main reason for this is because we are dealing with people all day every day and sometimes they surprise you.

Interviews can be stressful for both parties, it can be very funny when people come out with strange or even crazy responses in their interviews. Here are my top 15 craziest answers to “normal” interview questions.

  1.    Why should I hire you? I mean look at me, I am gorgeous and so pretty to look at you will love having me in your office every day!
  2.    Why should I hire you? Well, you are going to hire me. You really don’t have a choice because I have mind control powers.
  3.    Why did you apply for this position? Honestly, my wife applied for me and she told me if I don’t come to the interview she will divorce me
  4.    Why are you leaving your current position? Well, I “borrowed” money from my last boss and now I need a new job
  5.    (On a phone interview) When would you be able to come and meet with me? In about 3 weeks, I will be out of jail then
  6.    Why do you want this position? I am in love with your sales manager and I keep trying to get him to notice me but he isn’t, so if I work here he will have to talk to me and then he will love me back
  7.    What is your biggest weakness? I wee a little when I find something really funny
  8.    What is your biggest weakness? Men, that’s why I am looking for a new job, I had a relationship with my bosses husband.
  9.    What attracted you to this position? It will pay my bills, well I hope it will pay my bills
  10.   What is your greatest strength? My smile, isn’t it beautiful?
  11.   Did you bring your references? I tried, but they couldn’t get the day off work
  12.   Why do you want to work in Aged Care? I love working with kids and old people are basically kids in bigger bodies.
  13.   Tell me a little about yourself. I am looking for a day job, I work nights and weekends as an escort but I want something to do during the day.
  14.   How do you like to be managed? I don’t like to be managed at all, I want a manager who doesn’t care about what I do while I am at work.
  15.   What has been your biggest learning in the workplace? That some people are crazy and think that I can’t just get by on my looks.

There are so many more crazy answers and every recruiter or hiring manager has their own stories.

Share your favourite story below!

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